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#Starlink .com : SpaceX satellite project #domain was a Media Options acquisition

Media Options brokered the acquisition of the domain Starlink.com by the SpaceX satellite project.

According to Andrew Rosener, founder of Media Options, the name was acquired in 2014 on behalf of their client.

Said Drew:

“We acquired it on behalf of our client. MediaOptions is or was managing the name, but we never owned the rights to the domain. Just another happy Media Options client!”

SpaceX had a successful launch of its Starlink satellites last week, with a batch of 60 satellites reaching orbit aboard a rocket, to provide Internet access.

So what about the domain name, Star.Link, you may ask.

Not surprisingly, this great domain hack was also acquired by Media Options, when Uniregistry made the gTLD dot .Link available; the domain is currently available to acquire at Sedo.

This is great forward thinking by Media Options! 😀

Starlink.com was acquired by Media Options on behalf of SpaceX

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2 Responses to “#Starlink .com : SpaceX satellite project #domain was a Media Options acquisition”
  1. William says:

    You just published a proof of bad faith registration (star.link). Should be now easy to file an UDRP and got it under wings of SpaceX.

  2. Matthew says:

    I don’t see any bad faith registration. It was acquired “when Uniregistry made the gTLD dot .Link available” which predates the Space X recent acquisition. That said, star.link hack — lol,…more like PS [pigeon shit].

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