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Starlita Similien as ‘Andrea J DeLuca’ had formed Florida corporation!


While serial scammer Starlita Similien awaits trial in a few days, new details of her latest round of crimes have emerged.

Starlita Similien on the left, with Corie Mishler. Their exact relationship is unclear.

Apparently, Starlita Similien used the moniker “Andrea J DeLuca” – potentially with a fake or stolen id – and formed “Need Leads LLC”, a Florida corporation.

By impersonating another or a fictitious person to the Florida Department of State, Starlita Similien committed yet another felony. We are not sure at this time, if the court is aware of this act.

Furthermore, the name of Corie Mishleralleged girlfriend or “wife” of Starlita Similien – was used as that of the member/manager, according to the public records.

Starlita Similien had rented an office in downtown Panama City, Florida, and was posing as an attorney by the name “Andrea J DeLuca”. One of her victims was stiffed for $1,000 and they pressed charges, leading to Starlita Similien’s arrest.

Meanwhile, Starlita Similien’s maternal aunt has been pleading with the authorities to keep Starlita Similien behind bars. In a testimony given to DomainGang, Starlita Similien’s aunt described the horrors of raising her niece from age seven to her early teen years.


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One Response to “Starlita Similien as ‘Andrea J DeLuca’ had formed Florida corporation!”
  1. GR says:

    good detective work
    I guess the other ‘female’ was her fag hag
    will the court room proceedings be filmed? is that legal?

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