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Starting in 2013: Registrars to take exam tests and other news

ICANN meeting: a productive session.

During a special late Friday night session, ICANN moved on with an interesting announcement regarding all ICANN-accredited domain registrars.

The ICANN meeting involved the top tier key people of the agency, who shared ideas and pizza – a corporate move promoted by the Better Domains Through Better Work Environment coalition, sponsored by Verisign.

“We had some great suggestions late last night, and I can assure you no alcohol was involved,” said Martunas Balognis, assistant ICANN member from Lithuania.

“Ideas flourish when good food and Coke are served. And we all love Coke and Papa Johns!” exclaimed Balognis.

Starting in 2013, all domain registrars will have to take a certification test, that would establish the following key points:

  • Meeting the specifications of the Registries.
  • Avoiding the registration of domains for own use.
  • Cutting down on rogue registrars and spam.
  • Improving domain security with signed DNS.

Other important discussions over pizza and soda produced the following decisions:

  • Pizza Fridays to be introduced for ICANN personnel; free pizza and soda – four times a week maximum.
  • Hawaiian shirt day will be moved to every second Thursday of the month.
  • If you have posters of Rod Beckstrom at your cube, they will have to be taken down by November 1st.
  • All new ICANN reports will need new, specially designed cover sheets.
  • ICANN employees are encouraged to wear a minimum of 15 pieces of flair, such as “I love .com” buttons or “TRAFFIC” wristbands.

“Definitely a productive meeting, and I love working at ICANN!” exclaimed Martunas Balognis. “Best place to work, it beats my old job at an oil refinery in Vilnius, big time!” added Balognis.

It’s definitely a move in the right direction, matching ICANN’s new motto “Is this good for the company?


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