State.GOV wasn’t hacked; inside job “terminates” Donald Trump’s presidency

Visitors to State.GOV that attempted to view president Donald Trump’s bio page were shown a notice indicating his termination as of today.

The same notice appeared on vice president Mike Pence’s bio page, an odd timing due to the ongoing attempt to impeach the president.

Some time later, these pages were displaying a temporary message of ongoing updates, and the content is not yet restored.

An internal investigation issued preliminary statements that the platform is “nearly impossible to hack” and that the changes were the result of an inside job—perhaps that of a “disgruntled” employee of the US Department of State.

Government issued domains ending in .GOV have been the center of attention in the past; the process has been tightened since someone registered a .GOV domain without any authority.

Wondering about how much it costs to register or renew a dot .GOV domain name? We got you covered. 😀

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