Stay the Fuck Home : Viral #domain spreads good practices against #Covid19

With the Covid19 “coronavirus” spreading around the globe in a pandemic, it’s time to flatten its curve.

Millions of people are currently in the crosshairs of the viral growth, and some governments – hello, USA – are just now waking up to bust a move.

Before it’s too late, the time is now to act upon the frightening potential of the virus and “stay the fuck home.

An online movement to convey the good practices against Covid19 is now spreading under the #StayTheFuckHome hashtag, and you can find more information at the matching domain name,

In a nutshell: refrain from exposing yourself and others to the coronavirus, by not engaging in unnecessary social interaction, and do practice good personal hygiene. – #StayTheFuckHome

This too shall pass.

Don’t be like the asshole who registered the domain in order to monetize people’s anxiety over an apparently ineffective method of sanitization.

On a side note, HugeDomains dropped back in 2014 and it’s now picked up by someone else.

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One Response to “Stay the Fuck Home : Viral #domain spreads good practices against #Covid19”
  1. BullS says:

    What happens if you don’t have a home?
    Easier said than done.

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