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StellaImmanuel.com : Donald Trump’s quoted doctor’s #domain got registered

The domain name StellaImmanuel.com was registered overnight, after US president, Donald Trump, praised a video by Dr. Stella Immanuel.

The Cameroon-born doctor made news this week after claiming that hydroxychloroquine can cure Covid-19, that masks as not needed, and that “alien DNA” is used to control people via blood transfusions.

Topping the lot are claims that sex with demons occurs during dreaming, and that “reptilians” are running the government.

Naturally, the domain’s registration was made by a celebrity domain name chaser we talked about before, Ari Admani (or Armani.)

The registrant of StellaImmanuel.com is most likely seeking her attention for a transaction.

Dr. Stella Immanuel on Twitter

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