Stephen Hawking at TRAFFIC: gTLDs will could wipe out the entire Domainer Cosmos!

Stephen Hawking predicts the end of domaining.

Stephen Hawking predicts the end of domaining.

Stephen Hawking, the man who proved that the universe created itself spontaneously and that there is no god, is a beacon of information and wisdom.

In his later prediction, Stephen Hawking – who is also a domain investor of .Co.UK and .UK domain names – paints a grim picture about gTLDs and ICANN.

“Like…the…god particle…there is…a threat…bigger…in this…cosmos…a force…that can…wipe…us all…and ICANN…is to blame…for their…insane experiment…with the…dangerous…gTLDs…”

Stephen Hawking’s predictions continue in a 345 page thesis on the fundamental errors by ICANN, some of which can be devastating for the entire domainer community, at any time:

  • ICANN officers’ salaries can explode to vast, unknown dimensions, sending ICANN’s budget deficit to a “Big Bang” moment.
  • The introduction of more “god particles” such as thousands of new gTLDs will send the domain registration prices skyrocket and their reseller value will implode.
  • Domainers will invest all their money in unproven TLDs expecting different results, in clear demonstration of madness per the Einstein energy model.

Stephen Hawking will be presenting his thesis during TRAFFIC 2014 in Miami, Florida, via satellite.

If you want to attend the exclusive 10 hour event, reserve your seats before the domain universe implodes.


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