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Stolen domain recovery: GoDaddy and Register.com lag behind

Domain names are getting stolen but Name.com is efficient with their return.

When it comes down to recovering stolen domain names, GoDaddythe #1 domain registrar in the world – and Register.com take their sweet time to act upon legitimate complaints.

All that while a relative newcomer to the domain industry, Name.com, seems to set the paradigm with regards to acting swiftly and efficiently in order to return stolen domains to their owner.

This has been the case, time and again.

Sometimes, the domain owner who loses a domain to a thief is distraught and has no idea how to act to recover their asset.

In particular, Register.com took six months to return the domain AV.net to its legitimate owner, who had to provide excessive paperwork and go through a maze of actions.

In a thread over at Web Hosting Talk about stolen domains, the thread starter emphasizes just that: Name.com is fast on the job of working with the legitimate owner, once they acknowledge that a domain is stolen:

“Not much to update, but Godaddy told me to wait again while they working with Register.Com, I am wondering if Godaddy and Register.Com even have some kind of agreement for domain transfer dispute like this!? I also emailed Tom Lam (Executive Escalations Manager) from Register.com, but they told me to contract Godaddy instead.”

It’s sad seeing how large domain registrars play a game of ping-pong with eachother!

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One Response to “Stolen domain recovery: GoDaddy and Register.com lag behind”
  1. Sara Toole says:

    Hi, Lucius.

    Thanks for highlighting the complexities of domain hijacking, an important issue that is highly frustrating and understood by few people outside the domain industry.

    Generally, as a domain registrar we work to make sure this issue doesn’t happen. In the unlikely event that it does, the customer needs to notify the original registrar for their domain as soon as possible. The originating registrar will then reach out to the registrar who has received the unauthorized transfer and take the necessary steps to return control to the domain owner.

    To ensure that we have an effective solution in place, our team will evaluate our systems and processes to determine if we need to make any changes. We’ll also be reaching out to our registrar community for support because their cooperation is key. And with the recent acquisition of Network Solutions, we can make use of the expertise and networking capabilities of both companies.

    I would like to reach out to you personally and provide you with my contact info so that you can reach me directly if the need arises.

    We periodically use social media and other channels to reach out to our customers—and the domain user community in general—to provide them with steps that they can take to protect their domain registration. Here’s a good article from the Network Solutions blog that may be useful to your readers:


    Thank you again for your contributions to the domain community. I look forward to working with you in the future.

    Sara Toole

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