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Stolen or pinched? GoDaddy domain listed on Afternic disappears from account

The owner of the domain AirDoc.com discovered it was missing from his GoDaddy account, and believed that he was a victim of domain theft.

Two-factor authentication was not enabled on the account, but further research unveiled something strange: the domain had been sold on Afternic, most likely for $555 dollars.

Despite removing all his domains from Afternic last year, the domain’s owner was told that the domain was listed in 2012 at Afternic.


At the time, GoDaddy did not own the domain aftermarket, and such records on who listed the domain contain limited information.

GoDaddy has so far confirmed that the domain was sold on Afternic, and was removed from the owner’s account as part of the transaction; the new owner is in China, having upgraded from AirDoc.Gift.

It remains to be seen whether the transaction will be reversed. The domain owner is threatening with a UDRP action.

Read the full exchange unfolding over at NamePros.


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