Stuck in the Cloud? What PRISM means for pro-active Data Privacy action

Numbers don't lie and the NSA has all your numbers.

Numbers don’t lie and the NSA has all your numbers.

If you’ve been following the unfolding drama about “Where is Edward Snowden“, you might find interesting that has already been registered.

The ongoing understanding that government entities such as the NSA are actively filtering mass quantities of data via the PRISM initiative, leaves many domain investors feeling ‘naked’.

Would the ability to snoop into everyone’s data unveil juicy details about the sale? Are there any attached parameters to Sedo’s recent ‘compliance’ to a data-stripping demand by Google?

While you ponder these questions and their possible answers, consider encrypting your dataincluding sensitive information about your domain transactions – before it hits the cloud.

The makers of one such application, Genie9, are examining exactly that:

“If companies simply stop trusting U.S. service providers because they fret that they cannot keep their data private, that could be a huge issue for cloud vendors such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and others. This threat might indeed be real especially for those that put their trust into softwares [sic] that do not encrypt the data before shipping it to the cloud such as Dropbox and others. However, other products such as Zoolz, take security seriously. With 3 levels of encryption; 256 AES on machine, for data transfer and server side encryption, your data will not be available for viewing even with such surveillance scandals.”

Read the rest of this interesting analysis about the NSA leaks and cloud providers.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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