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Suck it, Moms: Flippa welcomes Dads dot com

The recent sale of Moms.com at the Sedo auction of Greatdomains for a hefty $252,000 would not be left unanswered.

Australia-based domain and web site auction powerhouse, Flippa, immediately saw the possibilities of staging a domain – and gender – war.

“So what so special about Moms.com and why on earth would it sell for a quarter million dollars, there has to be some secret pattern in that, surely!” said Flippa CEO, Dave Slutzkin.

“The world’s most forgotten people, dads, are nowhere to be mentioned, but we will change that!” added Slutzkin, who regards himself a hard-working, devoted dad, regardless of his current parental status.

As of Friday, “Flippa welcomes Dads dot com” is a new initiative to convince the current owners of Dads.com that aren’t really using that domain, to have it listed for sale at Flippa.com.

“There is tremendous interest for Dads.com by various parties that represent all dads around the world,” said Slutzkin.

“As always, we are shifting the paradigm in domaining and are seeking to bring in tremendous value to our clients, who utilize Flippa as their number one destination on the Internet, after Google and Facebook.” added Slutzkin, working with his marketing team for the launch of the campaign to reel in Dads.com.

The new “Flippa welcomes Dads dot com” initiative offers the following key points to lure the executive team of Ganett Media Technologies and convince them to put their domain asset, Dads.com up for sale:

  • Dads.com isn’t resolving, unlike Moms.com.
  • Dads.com is the collective plural of Dad.com that is also not being used.
  • Who would pay $252,000 for Moms.com and not fork out at least $500,000 for its matching pair?
  • Dads are better than moms on any given day.

With Father’s Day 2013 approaching fast, the “Flippa welcomes Dads dot com” initiative should have a ginormous domain sale at Flippa.com, by June 16th. It all depends on how fast Moms.com gets developed by May 12th, which is Mother’s Day.

For more information on Flippa and the “Flippa welcomes Dads dot com” initiative, visit Flippa.com


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One Response to “Suck it, Moms: Flippa welcomes Dads dot com”
  1. Chip says:

    It is actually a typo of DaDa.com (Look closely because that “s” is RIGHT NEXT TO the “a”) that is for early language development to bond fathers with their children–I said FOR THE CHILDREN! Gannett–heartless cybersquatting scum.

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