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Sucky .com #domain sold for almost two grand!

Dot .com is king and the proof lies in that you can sell a sucky .com domain for thousands of dollars, apparently.

In the case of Sucky.com, its owner listed it for $9,995 at GoDaddy. At the same time, they maintained the Sucky.com domain’s lander at a mere $1,995 bucks.

Before the weekend was over, the domain had been sold at the $1,995 dollar price – a new record for a sucky.com domain name! 🙂

This is the best sucky .com one could possibly hope to own, registered in 1998. That’s a 22 year old sucky .com that last sold for $1,750 dollars four years ago.

Congratulations to the new owner of Sucky.com!

Sucky.com was just sold

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