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#Sunglasses! A #domain keyword with 1.7 billion results just sold in the .ORG TLD

Sunglasses! It’s what you absolutely need if you live in Florida, and the domain Sunglasses.org just got auctioned.

The “sunglasses” keyword returns a massive 1.78 billion results in Google, making it a niche market with plenty of popularity. It’s a lucrative market, and when one’s sunglass business gets disrupted due to domain name hijacking, it can be devastating.

So what’s the story behind Sunglasses.org?

Registered in 2002, it was in the possession of Mr. Donald Hughey from Texas. Unfortunately, he did not renew the domain that dropped and DropCatch caught it – no surprise there.

The surprise might be the final price of the auction, after 56 bids from 26 bidders: $5,605 dollars. This much cash buys 29 pairs of Predator 2 Ray-Ban sunglasses! 😀

Sunglasses.org existed as early as in 1999, according to this cached page from Archive.org.

DropCatch will get a nice chunk instead, from the auction winner, Takes2ToTango.

Sunglasses.org sold at DropCatch – Photo by Ali Pazani on Unsplash

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