“Superhuman immunity:” #Domain registered before the pandemic—let the conspiracy begin!

COVID-19 has been busting our gonads for over a year and a half now. The vaccine works, so get vaccinated instead of being a dumb-ass!

While getting the vaccine is important, it seems that some of us have what’s referred to as “superhuman immunity” with regards to COVID-19, and perhaps other viral diseases.

What is superhuman immunity anyhow?

Scientists have called it “superhuman immunity” or “bulletproof immunity.” Immunologist Shane Crotty prefers the term “hybrid immunity.”

According to Science.org, “hybrid immunity” is particularly interesting because of the notable finding that people with previous SARS-CoV-2 infection mount unusually potent immune responses to COVID-19 vaccines.

Media, naturally, picked up on the more flashy title, “superhuman immunity” and are using it to describe the ability of some to stage a massive response to COVID-19 infections, killing the nasty virus.

With all that in mind, how the freaking f@#ck did someone know about superhuman immunity in 2018, pre-pandemic? Because that’s exactly when the matching .com domain, SuperHumanImmunity.com was registered. The domain is now up for sale at GoDaddy.

Is this proof that COVID-19 was engineered in a lab in China by a secret cadre of corrupt bio-engineers? Perhaps Joe Biden himself took part, wearing a bunny suit and carrying a case with billions of dollars to pay off China’s scientists so that he could win the US elections in 2020?

If you think like that, go see a doctor as I’d be concerned about your ability to form rational thoughts, let alone possess superhuman immunity to conspiracy bullshit!

Also: Get vaccinated.

Vaccinated.com changed hands

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