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#Supernatural dot .com : Someone spent $200,000 dollars to display a bunch of naked #butts!


The buyer of the domain Supernatural.com spent more than $200,000 dollars last January via the Above.com brokerage.

Supernatural is a dictionary word resonating with the occult, ghosts, near death experiences and UFOs. The genre is so wide, that spending $215,888 bucks seemed OK.

So what did Supernatural.com become?

Visitors of the web site will be welcomed by a bunch of naked butts, a sight that naturists and nudists would definitely appreciate.

What the what???

We’re not prude, far from that, but the choice of a domain seems so bizarre that domain investor Joshua Schoen was scratching his head:

“Well, I just got an email letting me know that Supernatural has officially launched. Check out their site. It’s very unique and interesting, to say the least… #domains #butts”

Rich Leto responded:

“Suzy Batiz is a very smart entrepreneur! She is also the founder of Poo-Pourri, a viral sensation product. In 2016 Poo-Pourri had a valuation of $300M.”

We just find it weird, but don’t take our word for it, visit Supernatural.com.

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