Swiss Bank of Domains doesn’t pay its Masterbucks debt in dollars

Epik, the self-proclaimed “Swiss bank of Domains,” doesn’t seem to be able to pay investors holding onto its Masterbucks tokens. One could say that the “bank” is facing an existential crisis, much like that of the real banking system.

Months after the new CEO promised to make whole an escrowed transaction involving the domain, the seller has yet to receive the $91,000 dollars she is due.

Kathleen Kalaf is not alone, as domain investors remind the Epik CEO, Brian Royce, who is currently attending ICANN76 in Cancun, Mexico, that they are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in collective unpaid earnings.

It’s also sad to report that Ms. Kathleen Kalaf is experiencing serious health issues that are affecting her day to day activities; with Epik not delivering the money she is owed, this is does not reflect well on Epik’s already battered reputation.

Meanwhile, a promotional email sent out to Epik customers from its CEO addresses none of that, focusing instead on the launch of a “Domain Investor Club” outfit. Source: NamePros.

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2 Responses to “Swiss Bank of Domains doesn’t pay its Masterbucks debt in dollars”
  1. Michael says:

    More like the Swiss Cheese of Domains.

  2. Why write about tokens?
    These are regular dollars.
    Why, in the case of a bank SVB, do they not speak of SVB tokens?

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