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T-Mobile creates ‘Data Stash’ product without the dot com

T-Mobile, the fastest growing cellular phone company in the US, announced the availability of ‘Data Stash‘ – a data rollover product – starting in January 2015.

With most phone companies, if you max out your plan’s data you either get throttled in speed or penalized with extra fees.


Along with the introduction of unlimited data, T-Mobile now allows its customers to roll over their data at full speed, in a ‘data stash’.

On top of that, new customers that move from other carriers will get 10 Gb of ‘data stash’ free.

However, T-Mobile did not register DataStash.com, as the domain is active as a data backup service for the cloud. The domain was registered in 2003, according to DomainTools.

Will T-Mobile care about the lack of a matching dot .com for its product? Highly unlikely.


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One Response to “T-Mobile creates ‘Data Stash’ product without the dot com”
  1. wordy.Tv says:

    She’s got man hands, still waiting for a big offer on DataSmartPhone.Com

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