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Tabak Babakhia : Billionaire #domain investor sheds tears after sale of company

It’s been an emotional roller coaster for domain investor and billionaire entrepreneur, Tabak “wiz” Babakhia, whose company was sold to the Russians.

Babakhia resigned as the CEO of Hoopla Media Inc., an Indian media company he co-founded with younger brother, Babak Babakhia.

“I can’t sleep at night, knowing that my corporate child has changed hands, and I am no longer involved with the company’s day to day logistics,” said Tabak Babakhia, wiping away tears.

“I remember the hard times and the good times, the struggles and the sleepless mornings, every time I take a trip in my helicopter to exotic destinations, my pain is immense!” exclaimed Babakhia.

Flipping a company for a billion plus dollars before the age of forty, places Tabak Babakhia among the most eligible bachelors of India. According to Forbes, Tabak Babakhia is worth $1.25 billion dollars, and even Bollywood is knocking on his door, thanks to his extremely good looks and dark, wavy hair.

Said Tabak Babakhia:

I’m flattered by all this attention from Bollywood producers, but I have no intention to act; my dream is to travel every country in the world accumulating wisdom and experiences. As for potential brides, I love white chicks, so if you’re an aunty with a beautiful daughter from Madras, I’ll have to pass.”

Millions of Indian engineers with a dream for an H1B visa, will look up to Tabak Babakhia and his life’s success story for years to come.

Tabak Babakhia – domain investor and media moghul

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One Response to “Tabak Babakhia : Billionaire #domain investor sheds tears after sale of company”
  1. Jeff Manes says:

    He should parlay that windfall into a fleet of Segways for ahis country’s Double-up ride sharing company.

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