Taco Friday fails as Name.com order of 4 dozen gets “a-hole” response at Torchy’s

A bunch of Name.com employees were looking forward to a fun Friday with plenty of tacos to go.

So they ordered four dozen tacos from Torchy’s in Denver, Colorado – that’s 48 tacos for those of you that failed to do your multiplication tables in grade school.

That was for 18 guys and gals over at Name.com, or a little over 2 tacos each.

The order was placed online, and the notice from Torchy’s was that the tacos would be ready in an hour max.

Jared Ewy, comedian extraordinaire of the company, headed over to Torchy’s with another colleague, where they were told this was an “asshole move.

Say what?

Here’s what happened, according to Jared:

So we walk in and there’s a line and a half. A herd of boy scouts had just showed up. It was chaos, but a friendly associate showed us where to go to get our online pickup. The assholery went down quickly. We stood like smiling idiots at the counter and this dude with a pony tail breezed up and put it right too us.

Pony Tail: Are you Jared?

Me: Yes!

Pony Tail: You pulled a real asshole move.

Me: (imagining balloon knot scurrying underfoot)

He gave us the proctology and we were scooted to the side where we questioned if he’d really said what he very apparently said. Shortly after that, the manager came up and gave us the business. He was nice, but told us they that from now on they needed more time for the tacos. 

It was lunch hour rush and apparently not enough employees around to prepare the delicious tacos at Torchy’s‘; still, there is no excuse to call a customer sphincter-related names – especially when they know damn right how to run the Internet.

For the full, fun review of Torchy’s by Jared,  head over to Yelp.

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