Teem.com : Does it matter that it hosted adult content?

Domain investor, Rick Schwartz, announced the sale of the domain Teem.com yesterday.

The current, 1998 registration sold for an undisclosed amount, potentially including royalties, according to Domain Investing.

This great new “joint venture” by Rick Schwartz has an interesting past, that its new owners didn’t seem to mind.

According to DomainTools historic WHOIS, Teem.com was acquired or hand-registered by Rick Schwartz in 1998.

Teem.com was first registered, however, in 1996 and was used by a company called TEEM Technology.

“TEEM Technology is a premier internet service company located in Central Pennsylvania. Our goal is to provide an effective, and cost efficient, means for companies to develop an internet presence. We are a full service company offering a wide range of products. From simple one page “banner” web sites, to complex, secure transaction, retail web pages, TEEM Technology has the expertise to meet your needs. We make it easy for you to obtain and maintain a presence on the World Wide Web. “

By December 1998, the domain had dropped and had been re-registered, hosting adult content.

It replicated content from SexScandal.com, another great adult domain owned by Rick Schwartz’s business outfit, Virtual Dates, Inc.


In the years that followed, Teem.com continued to host explicit links to adult content, as follows:

  • 1999 – SexScandal.com content.
  • 2000 – Forwarded to SexWithSteph.com, ClubPix.com and other adult sites.
  • 2001 – No records at Archive.org
  • 2002 – Forwarded to Porno.com
  • 2003 – Forwarded to Netfinders.com (non adult)
  • 2004 – Forwarded to AdultBooks.com, another domain owned by Rick Schwartz
  • 2005 – Hosted affiliate links to a variety of adult sites.
  • 2006 – Same as in 2005
  • 2007 – Parked at a PPC service with adult keywords
  • 2008 – Same as in 2007
  • 2009 – Same as in 2008
  • 2010 – Parked at a PPC service with business and money keywords
  • 2011 – No records at Archive.org
  • 2012 – 2015 – Parked with sports team keywords
  • 2016 – Pointed to JointVentures.com

It’s obvious that the adult past of the domain Teem.com didn’t seem to matter much to the new owners, when negotiating its acquisition; for the past 6 years the domain has “rinsed” off its adult content past, once and for all.

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