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Telepathy Inc. boasts #domain sales to major corporations

If you have sold a domain name to a company, good on ya mate.

Big deal, says Telepathy Inc. founder, Nat Cohen, who has done business with Fortune 500 companies.

The ever-busy domain investor and entrepreneur shared just a small portion of domain sales his company, Telepathy.com, has scored over the years.

Here’s the sample, shared by Nat:

Telepathy has now sold to Microsoft (GHE.com), Google (Alphabet) (Verily.com, CRR.com), Apple (through its acquisition of Chomp.com), AOL (YGM.com), Facebook (Scaler.com), among other big cos.

This is really a remarkable roster of Fortune 500 companies that Telepathy has sold domains to.

Congratulations, Nat! 😀

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