Ten million domain offer was an attempt at fraud

Domain investor and sleuth, George Kirikos, didn’t flinch when a $10 million USD offer arrived for one of his ultra premium domains.

Recognizing the value of his domain portfolio years ago, Kirikos often turns down sizeable offers that nevertheless fail to match the domain’s true worth.

This time around, the $10 million dollar offer was not legit, as the sender mimicked a VC firm’s domain, by altering one letter from “i” to “l.”

Said Kirikos:

After further analysis, I’ve determined that the offer was FRAUDULENT. The domain that sent the offer was a typosquatted version of a real company (changing an ‘i” to a “l” to make it seem it came from a VC).

Kirikos had nothing to worry about, as he deals with potential buyers via a lawyer; attempting a fraud would fall through immediately. Still, this method can cost a pretty penny at businesses annually, once they fall victims of email or domain impersonation.

The imposter’s domain was reported to the abuse department of their registrar, so hopefully they will be shut down soon.

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  1. YC says:

    Interesting… ycombInator.com is available to register.

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