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The Art of Her Deal : Melania Trump pre-nup book gets registered as a dot .com #domain

Melania Trump signed a new prenuptial agreement before moving into the White House, a new book alleges.

The First Lady wanted to ensure that Barron, her son with the president, Donald Trump, would be treated equally to his other siblings, in the event of a divorce.

The new book alleging all this is titled, “The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump,” and someone registered the domain matching the first part of the title, “The Art of Her Deal.”

The domain name TheArtOfHerDeal.com is already up for sale on DAN.com, which means that the registrant is a domain investor “slash” opportunist.

It’s not rare for book, music album, and even major movie titles to fail securing the matching .com for the creation’s name. This is truly inexcusable – or things like this happen.

TheArtOfHerDeal.com is already registered

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One Response to “The Art of Her Deal : Melania Trump pre-nup book gets registered as a dot .com #domain”
  1. I truly wonder if any of these domain investor/opportunistic names sell to anyone, but a neophytes. The first time I remember these type of names being registered was in 1999 when JFK, Jr was killed.

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