The bigger the brand, the more important the domain name

When you’re a Fortune 500 company, your brand is known around the globe. What’s less known, despite the size of such a company, is the range of associate brand domains that company uses.

We’re not talking about variations of its name, alternate spellings and so forth.

Product names can be more or less known to originate from the company that operates the matching .com, with many such domains being acronyms, brands, or dictionary words.

Big brands – Photo by William on Unsplash

Sedo, our premium sponsor, says: “The bigger the brand, the more important the domain.”

And that’s true. Just check out the great domains owned by large companies:

Apple –
AT&T –
Bank of America –
Bayer –
BlackBerry –
Calvin Klein –

For a bigger, yet not exhaustive domain list, head over to this new article at Sedo.

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