THE Domain Conference : Industry awards

THE Domain Conference is going through its second day in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

As with every year, the conference’s organizers announce the winners of various awards for people and companies in the domain industry.

We have the (non-official) results of THE Domain Conference Awards for 2016, courtesy of domain investor, George Verdugo of

THE Domain Conference 2016.

THE Domain Conference 2016.

  • Developer of the year : Michael Cyger.
  • Blogger of the year : Elliot Silver.
  • Registry of the year : Dot .CLUB
  • Registrar of the year : GoDaddy.
  • Broker of the year : Dave Evanson.
  • Domain investor of the year : Mike Berkens.
  • Domain industry company of the year : Sedo.
  • Goodwill ambassador of the year : Ron Jackson.
  • Domain industry hall of fame : Nat Cohen, Gary Chernoff.

Apologies in advance if the list contains any unintentional omissions or mistakes.

Congratulations to the award winners and everyone else who was nominated!

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2 Responses to “THE Domain Conference : Industry awards”
  1. MrVg says:

    So basically nothing has changed

  2. Snergledorf says:

    No prize for Frank Schilling or his companies. Nor was he a sponsor it seems. Last year there was a woman domainer award that nobody got to vote on yet that seems to have been a one time event. Small differences, but differences none the less.

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