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The #Domain King is gearing .app

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Rick Schwartz broke his domain blogging silence once again, right after the launch of dot .app, a new gTLD managed by Google.

The Domain King has been an outspoken non-supporter of fringe new domain extensions, such as dot .horse. Although most new gTLD extensions are far superior to the Domain King’s .horse paradigm, they seem to fall into the “pigeon shit” category, according to Rick. 😀

It comes as a surprise that Rick Schwartz registered DomainKing.app, a domain that matches his registered trademark. But is Rick preparing a real software app to go along with his new domain?

We honestly don’t know.

In a cryptic post a few days ago, the Domain King spoke of something special that’s coming up in the summer. We can only speculate about it.

By registering DomainKing.app, Rick is protecting his famous trademark, in order to avoid issues with the Indians that are riding his coat-tails.

So far, DomainKing.app is not resolving to a web site, which requires an SSL certificate in order to function.

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