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The Domain King’s shortest and longest domain names!

Rick Schwartz and Frank Schilling

Rick Schwartz has many short domains, and has been achieving remarkable sales with them.

The Domain King® has been acquiring domain names for years, selling only when the right offer comes along.

We were curious about which is the shortest domain that Rick owns, and in the process we identified the longest domain as well.

Rick’s domain portfolio is not as massive as Frank Schilling’s so the task wasn’t as difficult.

According to our research, the shortest domain that Rick Schwartz owns is 2 letters long: NY.biz.

Registered in 2009, NY.biz appears to have been a reserved domain by Neustar, operators of dot .BIZ. There is no information on its acquisition.

So what is the longest domain in Rick’s domain portfolio?

We aren’t 100% sure, but this 38-letter gem of a domain sure looks like a winner: WorldAssociationOfDomainNameDevelopers.com.

Can you do better? 😀

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3 Responses to “The Domain King’s shortest and longest domain names!”
  1. Bob says:

    Great post. Love the domainking coverage.

  2. Rich says:

    Here’s a 40 letter one:


    My shortest is a 3 character, so on that one i can not beat him.

  3. My shortest is EEL.com and longest is TheBiggerTheyAreTheHarderTheyFall.com

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