The Domains : Rebranding to ‘The Zoch’ for your daily corporate goodness


Bye-bye The Domains, hello The Zoch.

Domain uber investor Mike Berkens announced the imminent rebranding of his popular blog, TheDomains, earlier today.

The new name will be The Zoch, which is shorter and more edgy.

“Jamie Zoch has been doing an excellent job here, and I decided to not only give the guy credit and a hefty raise, but to rename the blog – it’s only fair!” said Mike Berkens during the Domainer Sherpa show.

Indeed, Jamie’s daily contributions, reporting on corporate acquisitions of domains has increased the blog’s visibility by 125% in recent weeks.

His unique approach to drilling down the substance, uncovering the greed of major corporations is very effective.

“Every major corporation I know is now afraid of ‘The Zoch’ and his investigative reporting on domain acquisitions,” said Mike Berkens, adding: “The Zoch sounds really cool and you should like it too.”

As with every major domain blog rebrandingsee Elliot’s Blog – the transition period might take a few weeks, but after that everyone will be talking about The Zoch.

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4 Responses to “The Domains : Rebranding to ‘The Zoch’ for your daily corporate goodness”
  1. Jamie Zoch says:

    German engineering at its finest! I do like the logo though 🙂

  2. domainguy says:

    Jamie has done an excellent job! Showing what corp. movers are thinking and actually doing. Including registering all .coms to my surprise.
    Jamie’s research is excellent and informative to the whole domain world. Jamie could actually expand his blog and give his insight and opinion when warranted. Including domain value and future intended uses for registration. Jamie could also expand with he states whilrpool has 4k domains and show some of the domains like a further due diligance of corp. owned assets. However Jamie already states he spends hrs and hrs research writing his blog piece.
    I disagree with the name tho the Koch.

  3. Hire Domains says:

    Damn ……..Uber.Domains is taken!

  4. MarijuanaGuy says:

    Jamie will be adopted by the Berkens and inherit all the domains from Berkens plus all the condos…for being a good obedient

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