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The fun begins for the Adult industry

It's Landrush time for the .XXX TLD

The ICM Registry sent out this press release, announcing the immediate availability of .XXX domain registrations during the so-called Landrush period:

ICM Registry, the registry of the new .XXX top-level domain (TLD), today announced the opening of Landrush, an exclusive 17-day period for the adult entertainment community that closes on November 25, 2011. Landrush is the second of the three-part launch process that started with Sunrise and culminates with the launch of General Availability on December 6th.

Landrush is a limited time opportunity for those who want to secure, a high value .XXX name for a small additional fee over the basic registration cost. At the end of the Landrush period, domain names with only one application will be awarded directly to the applicant. Domain names with two or more applications will proceed to a closed mini-auction between the respective applicants where the highest bidder wins.

“We are fully dedicated to the needs of the adult entertainment industry,” said Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICM Registry. “Our goal is to offer an incredible opportunity to secure premium names they’ve always wanted. This is a brand new domain so the opportunities are endless. Adult site owners can find new ways to expand their existing online presence, develop new brands or connect with their fans.”

To further serve the adult entertainment community, ICM offers the exclusive Adult Performer Program to help ensure the correct allocation of performers domain names. Performers who are interested in registering their names, should submit their application directly on the ICM Registry website at http://www.icmregistry.com/performers/.

About ICM Registry:
ICM Registry, headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is the registry operator for the .XXX sponsored top-level domain as approved by ICANN in 2011. ICM Registry provides the management and supporting infrastructure for this extension offered via registrars thought the world. For more information, please visit www.icmregistry.com.

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