The new DNForum .com is open for business, and under new ownership – now live.

Yesterday, we broke the big news that Adam Dicker sold and all of its assets.

Long time domain investors who called DNForum “home” will be elated, as entrepreneurs George Verdugo (CEO) and Kevin Faler (CFO) are now in full control and ownership of DNForum.

The move was motivated by the need to preserve and expand a historic domain forum and brand, that was founded in 2001.

The new owners are already at NamesCon 2017 in Las Vegas, and will be sharing their future plans with other domain industry professionals.

If you are an existing DNForum member, bear in mind that you will be asked to provide your old password and change it to a new one, for security purposes.

The new owners are looking to hire moderators, according to a welcome message at the forum.

Make sure you follow @DNForum on Twitter and on Facebook as well.

Visit where a new era begins!

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4 Responses to “The new DNForum .com is open for business, and under new ownership”
  1. Steve says:

    I used a proxy from the IP and tried to talk down this gallant effort by the new owners. Please spank my ass and call me Sally!

  2. Rich says:

    Fantasticc news. Had some trouble logging in but ok now.

  3. I wish them well with the forum! It was my first domain forum I joined.

  4. internext says:

    Seriously? Dead again?? Hasn’t been up for days. WTF?

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