The Wyvern’s Tale: If all else fails, register your competitor’s domains!

A drama is unfolding in the otherwise quiet city of Asheville in North Carolina.

In a nutshell: Two competing board game businesses are fighting online, mainly through Facebook, after one of the two registered the .com of the other’s name.

The story isn’t as simple as it appears to be.

Apparently, the second company was formed from the ashes of another games company which sold out its merchandise stock.

The founder decided to call this new company “The Wyvern’s Tale“. Unfortunately, he didn’t secure the .com – or any TLD for that matter – prior to making his intentions public.

Hillside Games of Asheville, NC then decided to go on the offensive, and registered every domain name they could think of:, .net, .info, .mobi, etc.

War sparked on The Wyvern’s Tale Facebook, where Hillside Games threatened to sue for libel, unless The Wyvern’s Tale made amends. The latter, responded by stating the facts in a timeline on a recent Facebook post.

The full story about one company cybersquatting the business name of its competitor can be read here.

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