TheDomains : Lawsuit against Twitter still ongoing

Mike Berkens, Esq.

Twitter took almost a week to restore access to Mike Berkens‘s hijacked account, @TheDomains.

That customer service fiasco led to the eventual quitting of Twitter – in protest – by the Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Mike Berkens is a Twitter shareholder and filed a lawsuit, to expedite the return of his stolen account, and for damages allegedly sustained by the unauthorized access of his account. As the lawsuit points out, the breach of private communications manifested by the Twitter account is a violation of its account owner’s expectations for privacy.

As expected, the lawsuit against Twitter wasn’t terminated with the return of Mike Berkens’s account.

As Mike stated on Twitter:

For the record our lawsuit against @Twitter has not been dropped; as a user and a shareholder I have issues that have not been resolved

Twitter enabled two factor authentication through third party apps very recently, a security improvement with a very strange timing proximity to this incident.

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