There’s nothing “beautifull” in a typoed #domain name

If you’re a domain investor participating in domain auctions, you’d better keep an Oxford dictionary by your laptop.

Sometimes bidding heats up among bidders that end up spending a small fortune on a typoed domain name, realizing about it too late.

Having to register a typographic error of a domain can be embarrassing too – just ask Frank Schilling.

But paying for a domain auction such as the one for is ridiculous. Beautifull is not a real word, but it’s a common typo, or else there would not be 29 million results of the word “beautifull” in Google.

Still, spending almost $2 grand on a domain such as, currently in auction at DropCatch, is a waste of money.

Will you bid on the auction for knowing it’s a typo of Let’s take a poll.

Would you bid on knowing it's a terrible typo?

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  1. DomainGang says:

    Update: sold for $3,760 dollars. Source:

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