Three letter .com domains drop below $20,000 dollars

Happy 4th of July.

Three letter .com domains, long considered the de facto coinage among domain investors, have dropped below the psychological limit of $20,000 dollars.

Recent sales confirm a trend we already observed, as domain investors switch to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to re-invest their gains.

Auctions of such domains as ($18,000 dollars) or ($18,100 dollars) are being eclipsed by the recent sale of for $16,000 dollars.

A year ago, these domains would sell in the $30,000+ range, making their registrants some healthy cash.

Chinese domain investors have maxed out their domain flipping potential, selling at marginal profit; eventually, there will be a series of domain bag-holders that will sell at a loss.

There have also been a series of instances of stolen three letter .com domains, plaguing the domain industry; even venues such as NameJet got fooled, and these domains become “laundered” and get resold. We will report on these issues separately.

Enjoy Independence Day!

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5 Responses to “Three letter .com domains drop below $20,000 dollars”
  1. Gene says:

    Once again, data like this is precisely why investors – especially newbies – fear taking advice from the old guard,…who, for years now have propounded the (false) notion that “buying super premium dot-coms is the shortest road to becoming a millionaire.”

    So instead of buying Ethereum, or top gTLDs, they get smoked believing that these NNN.coms are a ‘no risk investment.’ And it wouldn’t be such a sad story except for the fact that these names are incredibly expensive (in some countries representing many years of a person’s earnings), and the transfer of wealth is simply going to those same domainers who gave this ‘timeless’ advice.

  2. Dn Ebook says:

    Can bitcoins be developed?

  3. Eric Lyon says:

    This is a reality check to all those pushing .com as the only viable option and knocking new gTLDs. There is an obvious shift coming and I don’t think it’s isolated to crypto currencies as the source. 😉

  4. Don W. says: just sold for 14k at namejet.

    Next stop, under 10….

  5. DomainGang says:

    Don W. – Looks like a former domain of Mike Berkens, part of his portfolio sale to GoDaddy/NameFind.

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