Three strikes for Yoyo Ltd with UDRP loss for


Once is an accident, twice looks suspicious and three times is definitely a strike out due to cybersquatting. Ltd of the UK had its 3rd dot .email UDRP handed over, the Complainant being NVIDIA Corporation, makers of numerous computer hardware products. The domain in dispute is

As in the two prior UDRP cases, the Respondent typed up a ludicrous claim that they aren’t breaking any laws, and they alleged spending 100,000 British pounds to develop email services:

“According to a statement submitted by Respondent as part of its initial response “we intend to commercialise the system by various means which will be explored as the system develops, however, we will not involve the use or display of any trademark or engage in any way cybersquatting or illegal activity”.”

The UDRP cases against Yoyo Ltd started with and continued with both registered trademarks. Yoyo lost another UDRP for as well.

NVIDIA is a registered trademark that is actually world famous, and there’s no way that any panelist would let this slide. It took a panel of three this time: Dinant T. L. Oosterbaan, Tony Willoughby and David E. Sorkin.

For the full case of click here.


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