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Tiered #domain brokerage: The more you offer, the quicker you hear back

Domain offers are a dime a dozen these days, and to combat a wide range of unreasonably low offers, one domain broker is doing something novel.

Industry veteran, Tracy Seskin Fogarty operates eNaming.com, a boutique domain brokerage for select clients.

There are many ways to contact Tracy, and if you want to close a deal be prepared to open your wallet – really wide. 😀

But not all domains are created equal, so how does Tracy leverage the influx of emails about domains she brokers?

By creating a tiered system of responsiveness, that gives higher priority to higher offers.

Here’s what we see, for example, at the lander of DomainCoin.com:

  • US$ 100,000.00 and up: Reply within 1 business days
  • US$ 30,000.00 and up: Reply within 2 business days
  • US$ 20,000.00 and up: Reply within 7 business days
  • US$ 15,000.00 and up: Reply within 14 business days
  • US$ 10,000.00 and up: Reply within 30 business days

This way, Tracy Seskin Fogarty and her team respond faster to “serious inquiries” which appear at the top of this tiered list, and get down to smaller fries later on.

Are you in a rush? Make a bigger offer, it’s simple as that. 😀

In the domain brokerage industry, one has to be selective or risk getting drowned in a sea of lowball offers.

Hat tip: Dale.

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2 Responses to “Tiered #domain brokerage: The more you offer, the quicker you hear back”
  1. Don W. says:

    What do we get if we offer a $1,000,000?

  2. DomainGang says:

    Don W. – A million dollar domain. 😀

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