Tim Schumacher on .XYZ: How to know you really fucked up!

After reading Ron Jackson’s editorial on the XYZ “scandal”, Tim Schumacher, co-founder and former long-term CEO of Sedo.com stated:

“A behavior like this is truly something I don’t miss, being out of the domain industry now for over two years…   And on a side note: if even Ron Jackson, one of the kindest and nicest guys I have ever met, writes something like that, you (=NSI, .xyz) know that you have really fucked up”


Indeed, the backlash from the artificially inflated numbers of XYZ registrations is universal; domain authority personalities such as Rick Schwartz, are already condemning the practice of “robo-registrations” at Network Solutions.

The XYZ “scandal” is also affecting the way potential sales of XYZ domains are presented; at least one such domain sale at Flippa.com is using the artificial metrics as a gauge of success and value.

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