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Toby Clements ‘passes the torch’ to brother David as domain brokerage business continues

Wrong man accused for Sedo/SnapNames snafu.

Domain brokerage is a pro business.

It’s a tad awkward when the family name is linked to a mini scandal involving unpaid – or partially paid – proceeds from domain sales.

Domain broker, David Clements, sent out an announcement email about the availability of domain brokerage services, using the already established “Brannans” brand.

David also made reference to his brother Toby Clements, who “has had some personal and professional struggles over the past year or so.

On a personal note, we hope Toby Clements is doing better.

Here is the email, as provided by a reader of DomainGang:

Hi Everyone!

This is David Clements with Brannans.com and I have some very exciting news for you today and much more in the coming weeks.

We are Calling for Submissions, and we need your domain names for the Daily Domain Newsletter!

As most of you know, I have been heavily active in the domain space for years. In addition to buying, selling, and brokering domain names, I’ve also invested time and money in auctions, trade shows, development and several other verticals in the industry.

In recent months I’ve made arrangements to take over the DDN database from TobyClements.com to branch out with another newsletter full of premium domains under the Brannans.com brand. Toby has had some personal and professional struggles over the past year or so, and we felt it was time to pass the torch and get back to the business of selling domains.

Everyone knows that the DDN database is one of the largest in the industry, and it’s now being added to the Brannans.com database. There is no question that we now hold one of the most powerful domain marketing tools around.

If you’re a seller, send your submissions over to submissions@brannans.com. Don’t forget to include your prices!

If you’re buying names or want to speak for any reason, reach out to me and let’s have a Skype or phone call together. I’d like to know exactly what you need or what you’re looking for so I can best help you get it.

Every transaction will be closed via Escrow.com, a government licensed and audited, insured and bonded escrow company. Brannans.com takes pride in making sure that every transaction is and has always been secure, and we will continue to uphold that expectation.

Stay tuned for our first newsletter Monday, October 6 and more upcoming announcements. If you have any questions, simply reply to this email and I will be happy to speak with you directly.

Best regards,

David Clements


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28 Responses to “Toby Clements ‘passes the torch’ to brother David as domain brokerage business continues”
  1. Mark says:

    Automatic enrollment transfer from TobyClements.com to Brannans.com is illegal, so David should be careful about that…

  2. DomainGang says:

    Mark – Are you referring to the mailing list of people that signed up?

  3. Tom says:

    Same driver, different vehicle with tinted windows.

    Other than winning the lotto, no quite rush compares selling a domain for multiples more than you paid.

  4. James says:

    Not a chance in a hell! Awaiting the first newsletter so I can unsubscribe.

  5. Scott Neuman says:

    I think if David wants to take over his brothers business, an honest answer on what happened to his brother and if everyone has been paid would be in order.

  6. Ms Domainer says:

    Does David Clements plan to make those sellers who didn’t get paid by Toby Clements whole?

    If not, I would run like the wind.

    Yes, it stinks to have your brother’s reputation overshadowing you, but it is what it is.

  7. Josh says:

    I don’t believe it……….I’ll bet Toby is trying to “re-brand” himself.

  8. DomainGang says:

    Ms Domainer – At least one person being owned money by Toby was contacted today, hopefully this will lead to a complete payoff of outstanding dues sooner than later. This is great news.

  9. Mark says:

    DomainGang – No or late payoff – trust is lost and there is no way to earn it back. It’s over. Period.

  10. Ms Domainer says:

    IF David can fix the mess his brother created — by making sure everyone has been paid in FULL — THEN this would indicate that he is trying to do the right thing.

    It’s difficult to rebuild a good rep, but David is his own person, with his own opportunities to build his own brand. He shouldn’t have to pay the price because of his brother’s actions, but since he seems to be taking over his brother’s business, it just makes sense to clear the slate.

  11. DomainGang says:

    Ms Domainer – I agree 100% 😀

  12. Ms Domainer: I’ve been working on that all day. Thank you for your comments.
    DomainGang: Thanks for going easy on me today. You have no idea how much that’s appreciated. If anyone wants to contact me for ANY reason I’m at david [at] brannans [dot] com.

  13. DomainGang says:

    David – Thank you for reaching out. I am sure if there’s a way to fix something, you will honestly put some great amount of effort into it. Relationships are more important than money, so kudos to you for a fresh start.

  14. Tom says:

    So was Toby compensated for his leads list, shouldn’t these funds go to the victims, and not the party who held back client money?

  15. JT says:

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me

  16. Ms Domainer says:

    David, you should be given credit for reaching out. You have a great opportunity here, and I wish you and your clients well.


  17. Mark says:

    Ms. Domainer – You are an [ … ], that’s it. If David wants to start his own business, he should start from scratch, not to use the database of Toby’s subscribers. Love me or hate me, that’s my opinion and that’s my right of speech.

  18. Ms Domainer says:

    Well, Mark, your comment says more about YOU than me.

    FYI: I don’t know David David Clements and expect nothing from him.

    Have a NICE day!


  19. DomainGang says:

    Mark – Point taken, but please don’t call people names.

  20. Mark says:

    Yes, Ms. Domainer, my comments say a lot about me. So do yours.

  21. Ms Domainer says:

    Yes, my comments do say a lot about me, and I take pride in them because I don’t engage in name calling and other such nonsense.

    I used to, as Lucius can attest, but I did a lot of soul-searching and decided that I would rather engage in intelligent discussion, which can be done even when people disagree with one another.

    And no one is going to force you to do business with anyone you don’t like. Isn’t that wonderful?

    Again, I wish you a good day.

  22. Hire.Domains says:

    I would rebrand with a new Gtld ! …….toby.domains is available, sadly david.domains has been taken ….. oh well

  23. Tom says:

    Listen to the DomainSherpa Discussion today. They discuss David taking over Toby’s email list and Rick Schwartz goes off! 🙂

  24. bennythebull says:

    I almost bought a great name from toby,glad I did not ,seemed really cheap at 1100 it was easily worth 10 grand ,which makes me think if he was just pricing domains cheap to pocket the money. In davids case he is his own person and could have gotten the list and opened the account under another name. I guess he does want to make good on his brothers doings if he ever makes it big ,the fact that all the transactions are going thru escrow.com there is really nothing to lose as long as the deal is with you and the 3rd party leaving david out of the loop and letting escrow take his cut. SAY NO TO DRUGS

  25. DomainGang says:

    Tom – What minute:second ? These videos are too long for domainers with ADD 😀

    NM, found it: Forward to 23:55

  26. Adam Dicker says:

    Count me out as well.

  27. Charley says:

    I received an email with a new list of names in the newsletter. So is everyone transacting with him again ?

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