Toma: Call automation start-up upgrades domain from .so to .com

Toma is a call automation start-up that caters to businesses. The company’s products utilize AI that takes phone calls, books appointments, and promises to help “skyrocket your revenue on autopilot.”

Founded in New York by Monik Pamecha and Anthony Krivonos, the company’s AI-driven product offers the following benefits to customers:

  • Realistic call experience: customizable human-like voices with low latency tested in noisy, real-world environments
  • Integrations: integrate with your CRM, knowledge bases, and third-party software to pull and push data
  • Observability: monitor calls with recordings, summaries, and granular analytics
  • Live 24/7: always on, no breaks
  • Transfer: intelligently transfer to humans if needed

Toma started this year using the domain name but within six months managed to acquire with the help of Lumis brokerage.

Registered in 1996, was in the possession of TOMA Research for several years and this CVCV .com domain was acquired for an undisclosed amount.

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