Top 10 Odd Locations domainers might sell domains via Domain Name Sales


Since its public launch in 2012, Domain Name Sales has made it easy for domain investors to provide quotes and sell their domain names.

The use of templated messages provide sellers with extraordinary capabilities to respond in the shortest amount of time.

Negotiating and closing domain deals is easy peasy. Thanks, Frank! 😀

Here are the Top 10 Odd Locations domainers might sell domains via the Domain Name Sales platform:

  1. Office or Home Office: Typing the response on a computer or laptop.
  2. On the go: Responding via a mobile device while riding a vehicle as passengers.
  3. Stuck in traffic: As drivers of a vehicle that takes forever to move out of an area.
  4. While taking a potty break: Instead of playing Words with Friends, close a domain sale.
  5. During dinner: Are you eating this? Oh, and I just sold a domain for five figures.
  6. At the hospital: See y’all after the surgery, I’m closing on a domain in a couple of hours.
  7. After having sex: Who needs a cigarette when you can celebrate with cold cash.
  8. While having sex: Just a second honey, let me respond to this domain inquiry while you’re getting busy.
  9. Instead of having sex: Not tonight darling, I am having a headache with this buyer.
  10. In their sleep: Sleep-walking is common, texting is not rare, so closing domain deals is a possibility.
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2 Responses to “Top 10 Odd Locations domainers might sell domains via Domain Name Sales”
  1. Had one on the beach Summer 2013! My favorite so far!

  2. DomainGang says:

    Vincent – Good job! 😀 As long as you can view your cell’s or tablet’s screen in the sunlight 😀

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