Top 10 WTF moments with Chinese numeric domains!

China: A vast land of many opportunities.

China: A vast land of many domain opportunities.

It’s not a secret that the Chinese love numbers, and seek to acquire domain names that contain them.

A recent research we conducted, shows that when it comes down to fewer letters versus lengthier numeric domains, the preference is for the latter.

Just how crazy are the Chinese about numeric domains?

Very crazy, it seems, and the patterns of madness are overwhelming: eights are in, fours are out but not always. Dashes are ok, even double dashes!

We researched some fine examples of numeric domain names, and how they are being used by the Chinese.

These are the Top 10 WTF moments of China’s numeric domain madness. 😀 Enjoy.

  • : Registered in 2014, this 39 character domain does not resolve.
  • : If one zero doesn’t work, 31 zeroes might do the trick. Forwards to another domain.
  • : Registered in 2015, a lonely lucky “8” sits comfortably between a sandwich of six zeroes on each side. Doesn’t resolve.
  • : If you want to be number one, you might need 62 zeroes to emphasize just that. Parked.
  • 1- -1- -1- : Four ones separated by double dashes. Awesome. Keep one finger on the “1” and one on the “-” key and play the Chinese piano. All this effort in vain, as it doesn’t resolve.
  • : Six “4”s and four zeroes for a rather unlucky combo. Registered in September 2015 and it does not resolve.
  • : For the lucky PJ casino, where anything can happen. This alphanumeric beauty is 6 months old. Try it out.
  • : Don’t visit if bright, animated banners with Chinese letters might give you an instant migraine or even epileptic seizures.
  • : Both a com and a science. Gotta love this ambiguity. Forwards to Asian nudes if you visit, so be warned!
  • : If you thought that the USSR was dead, you are wrong. Forwards to a landing page with both Chinese and Cyrillic letters. Spasibo and xiexie for this numeric beauty.


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  1. You don’t have to be Chinese to be crazy, I got

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