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TRAFFIC 2014 in full blast – First Halloween party pics emerge!

TRAFFIC parties are legendary, and TRAFFIC 2014 in Miami marks the 10th anniversary of the original domain conference founded by Rick Schwartz.

With dozens of costumed participants, the TRAFFIC Halloween party proved to be worthy of its reputation.

All the big cheese domainers were there, including dozens more that attended for the first time.

The buffet, drinks and scrumptious desserts generously served added to the experience; attendees’ spirits were definitely high!

Congratulations on yet another impeccable event!

The Fontainebleau Miami Hotel where TRAFFIC 2014 takes place.

The Fontainebleau Miami Hotel where TRAFFIC 2014 takes place.


Everyone wore their best eyeliner to the TRAFFIC Halloween party.


Verisign, sponsors of the Halloween party, donned some impressive custom made suits.


Fright Night! Rick Schwartz (left) and Howard Neu (right) at the Hotel entrance.


Pizza and beer flowed freely and everyone had a great time.


Another epic group photo of the TRAFFIC 2014 Halloween party participants, courtesy of Ron Jackson.


Costumes were classy and tasteful – no Ebola hazmat suits!

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