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TrafficAccident.com : #Domainer to domainer sale is no accident

The domain TrafficAccident.com has just been sold, and this time around it’s a domainer to domainer sale.

NameJet auctioned off the domain in 2017, and the winner of that $1,716 dollar sale was Elliot Silver’s Top Notch Domains outfit.

Fast forward almost exactly 3 years and the sale moves the domain into the parking spot of Legal Brand Domains, Braden Pollock’s company.

We have no clue whether there was a domainer-friendly discount involved in this transaction, but the new TrafficAccident.com sale has to be in the five figure range.

Legal Brand Domains also picked up the following domains recently:


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2 Responses to “TrafficAccident.com : #Domainer to domainer sale is no accident”
  1. Braden Pollock says:

    Ya missed the fact that I also own the plural…. And you call yourself a domain sleuth? 🙂

  2. DomainGang says:

    Braden – I said it was no accident 😉 That’s the proof. Congratulations!

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