Travel ban : Domain investor from Domainistan arrived at NamesCon too late

Abdul Sakim Al Domayin – Sheik of Domainistan.

A domain investor and sheik of Domainistan, a Middle East sultanate, arrived too late at NamesCon.

Abdul Sakim Al Domayin, whose visa to the US was blocked thanks to the Donald Trump travel ban, made it to the Tropicana Hotel only yesterday.

Unfortunately, he was informed that NamesCon 2017 was already over.

“Is ridiculos, great insult, for America block great sultanate because so close to Iran, I trade domains not nukes!” said Abdul Sakim Al Domayin in a statement.

“No problem NamesCon, problem Trump, silly man think God? I business make, buy, sell domain, for better people of Domainistan, God willing next time better” added Abdul Sakim Al Domayin.

Domainistan is rumored to be in bad financial shape and about to be annexed by nearby United Arab Emirates; its proximity to Iran has caused the US military to be very cautious, and visas were blocked temporarily. A US judge’s appeal against the travel ban allowed the Domainistani domain investor to complete his trip to the US.

“We peoples in Domainistan prosper wish, and camels happy, and trade domain .DS world,” said Abdul Sakim Al Domayin, adding: “Curse those who trip made to Vegas no fun, NamesCon over, next year!”

According to our sources, Abdul Sakim Al Domayin plans to spend a couple of nights at Las Vegas casinos, trying to win as much money as possible, to start his own domain conference in Domainistan.

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