Triple dash .XYZ buyer revealed

The buyer of a triple-dash, four word .XYZ domain name has been revealed, according to several reporting tiktok accounts.

Serial domain flipper, Ahmed Salim Yuyu, announced the sale of the domain on Twitter:

“Praise God, managed sale after holding time only 24 minutes, sell domain buyer happy and me happy!! Domain sales great market, continue invest learn love peoples! Buyer is rich man from country far away mine!”

It was yet another monumental sale for Yuyu, who now boasts a total of 17 sales since deciding to go full time as a domain investor. The father of three legitimate children praises the online community for its support throughout his entire 3 month career:

“If no support I no succeed, praise God and domainers peoples. My happy place when sell and make buyer happy, money no important when buyer not happy. Remember give back community for support, you support me and me support you!”

Clearly an opportunity for some cocky domain investors to display humility, instead of flaunting their million dollar domain sales, without much regard to the fragile egos of the community’s majority.

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