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Trump in Cuba : Did the Republican candidate register these domains?


Newsweek reported that Donald Trump’s organization secretly conducted business in Cuba, violating the US trade embargo against the communist country.

The company allegedly spent at least $68,000 dollars in Cuba in 1998; the funds were funneled through an American consulting firm, according to Newsweek.

Sure enough, the hashtag #TrumpInCuba generated plenty of interest, but that’s not all.

Donald Trump domains.

Donald Trump domains.

The Smoking Gun has uncovered 5 domain names that were all registered the same day in December 2008, which are now expired:

  • TrumpInCuba.com
  • TrumpPlazaCuba.com
  • TrumpResortCuba.com
  • TrumpResortsCuba.com
  • TrumpOrganizationCuba.com

All of the domains were registered at GoDaddy with WHOIS privacy on, and they remained parked and undeveloped until they dropped in early 2010.

Domain names that the Trump Organization operates, are registered at GoDaddy, primarily; there are more than 3,350 domains under management, according to DomainTools.

Many domain registrations follow the same pattern of “Trump” + Resort + Location.

There is no indication, however, that the 5 “Cuban” domains listed above were registered by the Trump Organization; the only entity that’d be able to confirm that, is GoDaddy.

Many thanks to Jonathan Tenenbaum for the tip.


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