& trademark : Domain auction ended at Pheenix

Trademark domains can cause a lot of headaches to even the most seasoned domainers!

Last month, we let everyone know was about to drop; the former domain of Donald Trump‘s now defunct hotel expired in December.

That’s after more than 21 years, as it was a 1995 registration – at the very dawn of the commercial Internet.

The domain was caught by drop-catching service, Pheenix, and a bidding war ensued. received a top bid of $4,010 dollars which sounds foolish for a domain with potential trademark issues.

Then again, not every domain investor is playing by the rules, it seems.

While we aren’t sure if there would be a UDRP on the domain, we would not touch it with a 10ft pole made in Moscow!

Hat tip: Bruce Breger.

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