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#Tuatara : World’s fastest car arrived with no matching .com #domain name

Tuatara is the world’s fastest production car, from SSC North America. Previously known as Shelby Super Cars, the company produced the Tuatara, a car with an average top speed of 316 mph.

That’s 508 kph for our metric friends, a staggering performance.

The Tuatara sports twin butterfly doors and produces 1,750 hp from a turbocharged V-8 engine. It’s the second vehicle built by SSC to earn the title of world’s fastest production car. SSC designed the Tuatara inspired by the aerodynamic design of fighter jets, with more than a decade of research and development.

The Tuatara from SSC North America

TUATARA is also a registered trademark since 2012, according to the USPTO:

“Motor vehicles, namely, automobiles and structural parts thereof”

Meanwhile, the matching .com domain name Tuatara.com is not related to the automotive company that produces the Tuatara car. Registered in 1997, Tuatara.com is home to instrumental music group, Tuatara:

Led by Martin, Tuatara came together in 1996 with the initial idea of making music “that sounded like a film that had never been made.” The result was 1997’s groundbreaking debut, Breaking The Ethers, followed by ‘98’s Trading With The Enemy, 2001’s Cinemathique, ‘03’s The Loading Program, ‘06’s East of the Sun, West of the Moon, and ‘08’s The Here and The Gone with Coleman Barks.

Someone registered the domain TheTuatara.com on October 1, offering it for sale on DAN.

The tuatara are reptiles endemic to New Zealand, according to Wikipedia, hence the name’s existence prior to the car brand, that resembles a fast moving tuatara!

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