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Turakhia brothers: Millionaire investors focusing on gTLD domains

Brothers Bhavin Turakhia and Divyank Turakhia are barely into their thirties, and yet, the Indian entrepreneurs became multi-millionaires, after Endurance International Group acquired the web business part of Directi for approximately $100 million dollars.

A fresh article in the Economic Times of India, details the early steps of the two brothers, beginning with a small loan from their father, to their current successful life in the heart of India’s tech sector, Mumbai.

The Turakhia Brothers are successful entrepreneurs.

The Turakhia Brothers are successful entrepreneurs.

Both brothers maintain a low profile, a combined sign of modesty and the product of hard work and high business ethics.

Having invested in four gTLDs through Radix, a new domain registry that acquires gTLD licenses that are being opened up or auctioned, the Turakhia brothers have secured .press, .website, .host and .space and plan to use their relationship with Endurance International to expand their business.

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One Response to “Turakhia brothers: Millionaire investors focusing on gTLD domains”
  1. Matt says:

    I used to always confuse the Chicken Teriyaki sub at Subway with their name. 🙂

    They should focus on their Media.net business which seems more like a winner. Congrats to them for the sale of their other business portion.

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