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Two letter domain wi.com close to hitting reserve at NameJet

The two letter .com domain, wi.com, is being auctioned at NameJet, with a current bid of $500,000 dollars.

It’s very rare to see LL .com domains being auctioned, as they are popular with the Chinese, often fetching seven figures.

This one is being offered from the inventory of Internet Real Estate, the owned-domain branch of Media Options.

With 197 bids from 193 bidders, NameJet member fortythieves is at the top; the reserve is between $500,001 and $600,000 dollars.

Will it sell considerably higher?

Chinese groups of bidders, such as Two Two and First, are known to snipe in and with one day to go, anything is possible.

View the auction for wi.com at NameJet.

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2 Responses to “Two letter domain wi.com close to hitting reserve at NameJet”
  1. Domaindoer says:

    Yeah hiphop and others have bids at 455,000 and above, funny how an article that talked about udrp
    on berkens site. I wonder if it is to scare someone from bidding higher. I wonder who would do such an article at such a time.
    It’s so obvious. Rick Schwartz is the only dude left that you can put trust into. He is the best IMO. Mann is cool also. The others not so. Can not be trusted. Greed has cloud the judgement. Can’t see through the clouds.

    Can’t believe what people do. Talk about fake news and scare tactics.
    Its going to sell at 1.25-1.35 million. Scare all you want hip but it will not go cheap. You will not able to out bid who gets this one:)

  2. Aron says:

    If this name goes for 1.25M I will make a generous donation to the charity of your choice 😀
    I love LL names, but there is zero shot of this name selling for that price.

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